In Conversation with Simon Cade - DSLRguide

In Conversation with Simon Cade - DSLRguide

Simon is a filmmaker keen to enthuse about whatever he's most recently learned, making anything from documentaries to vlogs, from commercial projects to short films. With over 600,000 people subscribing to his YouTube channel Simon aka DSLRguide has created one of the go to filmmaking channels out there today.

Covering everything from cinematography and lighting on the cheap to insightful discussions on gender equality and the difficulty of pursuing an artistic career. Simon has developed a large, dedicated fan base and we are delighted to host him on his first visit to Ireland. He will be in conversation on Saturday 19th of August. The event is free and will operate on a first come first serve basis.

Simon's latest video is an excellent piece on gender inequality within the film industry, be sure to check it out below and hit up his YouTube channel for dozens of great filmmaking vlogs.

Filmmakers Have to be MALE

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Still Voices Short Film Festival

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    August 18th - 20th

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