Lorcan Finnegan's Without Name to open
Still Voices Short Film Festival 2017

Without Name

We follow land surveyor Eric, as he travels to a remote and unnamed Irish woodland to assess its suitability for a development project. The place seems to be imbued by an intelligence of sorts. A silhouette flits between trees. The place fascinates the fragmenting Eric as much as it disturbs him. Following in the psychonautic footsteps of the mysterious Devoy, Eric attempts to communicate with his surroundings, but risks becoming a prisoner of a place Without Name.

Director Bio - Lorcan Finnegan

After completing a BA in graphic design in Dublin, Lorcan began working for Charlie Brooker's production company Zeppotron as a motion designer, editor and later as a director. In 2004, he set up his own Dublin-based studio, Lovely Productions; since then, Lorcan has written and directed several award-winning short films, TV commercials and music videos. Lorcan’s latest short film for the Irish Film Board, FOXES, premiered at the South by Southwest in 2012, screened in competition at Tribeca and won Best Short Film at the Irish Film and Television Awards. Lorcan recently completed his debut feature film, WITHOUT NAME, funded by the Irish Film Board.

Without Name will open the Still Voices Short Film Festival on August 18th. Lorcan's award winning short film Foxes will screen beforehand as part of a doubleheader. Tickets will go on sale closer to the event.

Without Name

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Still Voices Short Film Festival

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    August 18th - 20th

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    Ballymahon, Co.Longford

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