Still Voices
Still Voices
Film Festival
Nov 15-19
At The Heart Of Irish Cinema
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Seniors 3000

France | 16mins | Animation
Directed by: Julien David
Written by: Yacine Badday, Julien David Florent, Guimberteau & Sébastien Ors
Produced by: Florent Guimberteau & Etienne Jaxel-Truer
Language: French (Eng Subs)
Screening Time & Venue:
Shorts Programme 14 | Online Platform | Nov 13 | 10am - 10pm
Links: Website
A biomechanical fusion between Marlene, a secretary who has been working for 30 years, and the model x3000 printer is going to create a new generation of workers: the senior 3000. The revolution in the work world is underway!...

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