Still Voices
Still Voices
Film Festival
Nov 15-19
At The Heart Of Irish Cinema
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The Raft

Croatia | 14mins | Animation | Irish Premiere
Directed by: Marko Mestrovic
Written by: Bozidar Trkulja & Marko Mestrovic
Produced by: Igor Grubic
Language: Croatian (Eng Subs)
Screening Time & Venue:
Shorts Programme 7 | Online Platform | Nov 12 | 10am - 10pm
Links: Instagram
The water reached up to our necks, and very soon, over our heads. The mountains became islands and the islands became hills in the darkness of the deep. The palms became sea anemones and the sea anemones remained what they were. The Wall Street was still full of sharks. Venice floated a while longer, and then… If a global catastrophe is a state of mind, then music is the raft.

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