Still Voices
Still Voices
Film Festival
Nov 15-19
At The Heart Of Irish Cinema
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Botswana | 7mins | Dance
Directed by: William Armstrong
Produced by: Allan Stenild
Language: English
Screening Time & Venue:
Dance Shorts | Shawbrook Residential | Nov 9 | 7 - 9pm

Dance Shorts | Online Platform | Nov 10 | 10am - 10pm
Links: Instagram
A film centred around world-class contemporary choreographer Paul Lightfoot (Artistic Director of the Netherlands Dance Theatre) losing his father during the pandemic. Not permitted into the hospital to say goodbye, he began working with a Danish dancer remotely to create a performance that processes the emotions he and many have shared worldwide. The result is a look behind the curtain into the process of a modern master interpreting loss into physical form - and a powerful beacon of hope to carry us through uncertain times.

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