Still Voices
Still Voices
Film Festival
Nov 15-19
At The Heart Of Irish Cinema
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Ireland | 17mins | Experimental
Directed by: Cléa van der Grijn
Written by: Cléa van der Grijn
Produced by: Cléa van der Grijn
Language: Irish
Screening Time & Venue:
Experimental Programme 1 | Online Platform | Nov 10 | 10am - 10pm
Links: Website
FLUX (film) is about creating a space between now + then. Exploring the dynamism of emptiness in a realm where time + space are altered. Past, present and future are considered in the gaps in-between, blurring the boundaries between fact + fiction. Expressing emotions, ideas + concepts through literal + abstract imagery, through the creative use of editing + sound design incorpoating Irish Sean Nós song. Characters emphasise the fragile + emotional states of mankind, with prominence on dreamscapes + mindscapes. An oneiric land cinematically beautiful + psychologically disturbing. A world that explores significant topics such as death, loss, love, isolation + mental-fragility.

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