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Still Voices
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Nov 15-19
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Mount Trenchard

Ireland | 17mins | Non-Fiction
Directed by: Jamie John Goldrick
Produced by:Jamie John Goldrick,Daniel Lambert & Kevin Brannigan
Language: English
Screening Time & Venue:
Shorts Programme 7 | Ballymahon Library | Nov 12 | 1 - 2:30pm

Shorts Programme 3 | Online Platform | Nov 12 | 10am - 10pm
This film explores the Irish asylum seeking system through the prism of Mount Trenchard, one of Ireland's most notorious Direct Provision centres. Hidden away in an isolated and rural corner of the country, Mount Trenchard was one of the most notorious Direct Provision sites in Ireland. A place where “troublesome” asylum seekers were sent as punishment, or those with mental illness were frequently relocated, the centre quickly grew in reputation as a feared place among asylum seekers and became known as the “Guantanamo” of Direct Provision sites. Using testimony from former residents and with never-seen-before footage of the interior of the centre, this documentary explores the Direct Provision system in Ireland through the prism of Mount Trenchard.

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